JIANDE SCREWDRIVER CO.,LTD was established in Hangzhou China since 1993.Specialize in manufacturing hand tools,especially screwdriver set. We have rich technical force,complete test-equipment ang High-quality management team.Has passed ISO9001 intemational quality system authentication,Also passed BSCI factory inspection. The products pass such authoritative authentication as VPA/GS,TUV/GS,CE,etc.More product exported to EU have passed the PAHS,ROSH&REACH test.Our company has power to engage in import and export trade of self-operatlon,The product are sold well in Europe,America,Asia more than 40 countrles and reglons.

Hardware Industrial Zone,Qintan Town,Jiande City,Zhejiang,China,311602

+86-571-64177888, 64177893



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